Wholesale men shirts prices

2016 year

2.5 usd to 10 usd

The wholesale men shirt prices starts from 2.5 usd  up to 10 usd.
Men shirt sizes are S,M,L,XL . Fabric is %65 polyerster, %35 cotton or %100 cotton fabric shirts. Fabric could be different composition.




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1.What kind of information should be prepared before shirt production order?

 To get the quotation for the shirt production  please give the information below:
a:) how many pieces will be manufactures from each sizes .
b:) which sizes will be manufactured
c:) please send the sample pictures of the shirt or drawing of the shirt.
d:) please give information about the fabric which will used to produce the shirts .

e.) please give the button and accessory details of the shirts.

f:) Quantity for each sizes.

g:) what kind of packaging will be made for the shirts?

when you  send all information above,  the quotation will be prepared for your order.

2. What is production phases after ordering of private label shirts.

a:) firts of all fabric selection for the shirt should be made. button details and accessories  confirmation should be made.

if you  already have your own woven labels and hangtags , you should make delivery to the shirt production factory. if you dont have woven fabric labels or hangtags , you could give your design and hantag paper details,, sizes, quatity, we could organize manufacturing your own  private woven labels and paper hang tags with your won logo.

b:) all size charts should be prepared , and drawings or samples must be ready.

c:) when we get all information about the fabric, sizes, accessory then we will prepare sample production shirt. After preparation of the sample shirt, we could it by DHL cargo for your confirmation or you could come to check samples.

AFTER CONFIRMATION OF THE YOUR PRIVATE LABEL  SHIRT  SAMPLE: We will start full production. When the production finishes you will make full payment , and check the production , then we will make transportation.

3. how to choose shirt fabric, how to make shirt fabric selection.

when you decide to open a new line for shirt production, or to start you brand shirt production , may be the most important  topic is to choose the shirt fabric.  Because shirt fabric selection depends on the Trends, weather, price.

Trends in other words  last season fashion, is very important if you selling your shirts in retails shops. Generally trend shirts or last season fashion shirts are the expensive ones. The marketing type your shirt will also effects to choose shirt fabric.

Weather: hot, cold, or humidity weather types are very important to choose shirt fabric,  different fabric types have different technical details to use in different weathers or winter season, summer season or spring season.

Price: to choose the fabric type of shirt, the your market for the shirt determines the price. The marketing type and shirt prices are very related. if you are selling bazaar , may be the cheapest shirt must be, but if you selling hot couture shops then the price of the shirt could be height then the others.

The fabric quality which will be used in your private label shirt production  will be determined by the  Target selling price of the shirts.

so the above criteria will determine the fabric is  %100 cotton, %100 oxford, %100 shambrey or mixed ones %60 cotton %40 poly, %50cotton %50 cotton, or %100 wool .

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Wholesale tshirt prices

 wholesale tshirt prices  1.5 usd

Private label t-shirt production ,
with your own brand name,
with your own printing
%100 opened cotton, 140 gsm , supreme fabric,

tshirt Sizes in on lot S, M, L, XL  . There are one pieces from every sizes in  pack lot.
Thirts are %100 cotton, supreme cotton fabric. Minimum quantity is 4 pieces, one lot from one design.